Why One Home, Six Hearts?

I thought it might be nice to write a little post about my blog name. “One Home, Six Hearts“.

I wasn’t really sure what sort of blog I wanted to write. If it was going to be a part of ‘me’, then it was definitely going to be a mix of everything – yummy food, stuff about me; things I like, my family…and what’s going on in my stupid head.

In short, “One Home, Six Hearts” is about my life and my loves. Six hearts symbolise the 6 most important people in my life and the home in which we grow together.

Our house is bonkers. It’s noisy and fast and funny and hard work, sometimes, but I love my babies, my husband and the rest of my family so, so much.

“Be Proud Of Yourself And Remember You Are Loved”.

That’s on a sign I have hanging on my door. You can’t help but read it each and every day, and it’s something I want everyone who is welcomed into my home to remember. Even if mummy is grumpy and stomping about, doing her best bear impression – she loves every fibre of your being.

Family is everything to me. From the food I cook, to the laundry I fold. I do it all with love… and if I bake for you, or share my make up, then you obviously hold a special place in my heart 😜



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