Making use of my insomnia

There’s a running joke in my house that I should make use of not being able to sodding sleep. I could’ve made myself useful… etc, etc. But in all honesty, I don’t want to get up and get going, I want to f*cking sleep!

All that happens is I lie there thinking.

Over-thinking. Rethinking.

Worrying. Panicking.

Picking everything apart and putting it back together as the worst case scenario.

Convincing myself of all sorts and wrecking any chance of sleep for the foreseeable.

I decided that actually, my family were right, I should be making use of the time I am awake. Not to get a-head start on my to-do list, but to distract myself from what usually follows.

After discovering that WordPress has an app, I have started to make use of my insomnia by writing. My anxiety inspires much of my writing, but I also get some of my best ideas when I should be sleeping. Usually, they end up forgotten, along with any good dreams I’m lucky to have (why do I only remember the bad ones?!) but not anymore. Tonight, I’ve written three posts and the plan for a fourth.

Go me! 😆

I don’t always blog. Sometimes, I’m too tired to get the words out, and sometimes I just need to get  thoughts out of my head. So, I might write notes, journals or lists; things I don’t want to forget, things I want to talk about in the morning, and so on. Whatever I’m typing, it’s an escape from negative thoughts and my anxious mind, and I find that so far, It’s having a positive effect.

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