Bully Brain

I have come to realise that I use up all my energy trying to fight the negative thoughts that bombard my brain like mini-missiles full of hurt and self-destruction.

I’m exhausted just from breathing and I can’t keep going on like that. I’ve been reading a lot about positivity and maybe I’m going about it the wrong way. Maybe I need to give up fighting them, let them come, but stop believing them instead.

Today has already been a hideous day and I have absolutely no idea why. Every negative thing I’ve ever been told is berating me on a constant loop. I’m exhausted from trying to distract myself in order to stop them so today I’ve stopped. I’m treating my negative mind like a bully – don’t believe the words, rise above them and know they are not true, come back with something positive and hopefully, eventually the bully will become bored and the negative thoughts won’t intrude on my day.

I’m hoping this works. It needs to work.

I don’t believe you, ‘stupid head’. Go and be negative somewhere else, I’m too busy loving my favourites and I want to be happy again.

It’s not easy to win a war when you’re the only soldier and the fight is with your mind.

I won’t let you beat me.

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